Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Game of Thrones.....End of an Era.......for this Year.

I highly anticipated "Game of Thrones" when the adverts were broadcast right from the get go of Sky Atlantic. I waited impatiently as more of the upcoming show was revealed and with Sean Bean as the heroic lead I knew the show would be a dark horse. I was slightly in shock of the first episode as it didn't appeal to me immediately and I couldn't help but feel disappointed but I decided seeing as it was the Pilot it wasn't right to make quick judgements. After watching episode 2 I began to have faith in the show as it was a vast improvement from the previous week. The show progressed and over the next 8 weeks the show, for me, became a new found addiction. The writing and the accuracy to the novel by George R.R. Martin was a perfect example of how a show based on a novel should be. In the beginning it was indeed challenging to follow the several family houses and who were enemies and who were trustworthy characters, but once that aspect of the show was grasped it was an adrenaline rush of pure gold every Monday night for me. In particular Sean Bean, obviously, Peter Dinklage and Emilia Clarke gave the best performances throughout the series and gave a certain spark in viewing the goings on in each of their family houses. Although now there is a wave of despair amongst the cult following that has grown from "Game of Thrones" there is also excitement for Season 2 which will begin in April of next year. But there will be no doubht that the season which will follow will be as amazing as its predecessor, considering the fact that after the broadcast of the Pilot episode there was a second season promised. Well I expect the best from "Game of Thrones" next year and look forward to the continuation of the thrilling tale.

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